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You’re seeing a great guy and you THINK you’re getting close, but then he suddenly pulls away and you have NO IDEA what happened. She’d put it together in a few hours over a few glasses of wine with her girlfriends. Because when you compare the number of factors that determine whether a guy is date-worthy with the number of factors that determine whether you’re date-worthy, it’s night and day. Men ask two questions: Do I want to sleep with you? All of this is just a long way of stating what every man knows – and most women don’t: We are not nearly as concerned with your merits as much as how you make us FEEL. If you’re fun and easygoing, it makes us enjoy our time together. It makes us want to keep you around forever and ever. My husband has a male friend who broke up with his girlfriend because supposedly, she wasn’t up to his intellectual level.

I can tell you what happened – if you’re ready to turn your love life around forever… I thought the list was so hysterical, that I included it in the first draft of my book. In all my years of dating, I never stopped to dissect the behavior of my female dates. Do I feel good about myself when I’m spending time with you? Which means that all of your amazing qualities may not even matter to him at ALL! You ran a half-marathon and raised twelve thousand dollars for leukemia? Understand, men DO value intelligence, but they also want from their girlfriend what they CAN’T get from their business associates. I have another guy friend who has complained about not being able to have deep discussions with virtually every single girlfriend he has had.

The reason doesn’t matter – the reason is just to soften the blow.

The real message always is: I don’t want to be in a relationship with In other words – if he hasn’t chosen you as the one, then you need to make sure that you have options as well.

When you see guys stepping up and locking down a woman in a relationship—whether it’s getting the girlfriend title, moving in together, or even marriage—the man knows that if he doesn’t commit and move forward, he could lose the woman. There is this idea out there that men are anti-relationships. A man will happily get into a relationship, as long as it’s the The right relationships to a guy is one where his needs are being met and he’s delighted with the relationship because it fulfills him and meets his desires.The women hope and pray for things to change, but again, why would they change if the guy has everything he would get from a girlfriend without the title?MORE: When a Guy Won’t Call You his Girlfriend When a man says he doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you, he means it.You see, I have a unique perspective – I’ve not only dated hundreds of women (before I became happily married) but I’m a coach for both women and men. Suddenly, the editors were on the phone with a question: “Funny list, but what about a list for women? It’s not that I was above it; rather, I never even thought about it. You graduated summa cum laude from an Ivy League masters program? I think a lot of women reading your blog are concerned about more than just getting a 2nd date. And from the guys I’ve known, it seems that they care more about sexiness and lightness when it comes to deciding to have LTRs with women.And I’ve had countless nice, decent, relationship-oriented guys tell me why it SEEMED like they really liked a woman but then bailed on her. I finally cobbled something together with the help of some friends.

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I know his last relationship ended badly, so that might be part of it.

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